Site 3 Case Study: Build An Affiliate Website On An Expired Domain (Part 1)

Site 3 Case Study Part 1 Affiliate Website

For the Site 3 Case Study, I wanted to try and build an affiliate website on an expired domain to get out of the Google Sandbox faster than a brand new domain. Things didn’t go as planned.  I bought an expired domain, built the website, and made mistake after mistake. I want to tell my story to record the journey and possibly help others learn not to make the same mistakes I made.  I’ll go through my process of researching a niche, keyword research, and how to build an affiliate website … Read more

October 2020 Monthly Income Report

Niche Sites Monthly Income Report October 2020

This is the 1st monthly income report of some of my affiliate websites as a way to track my progress and share the things I’m doing – the good, the bad, the ugly. I plan to write more detailed articles for each of the 3 affiliate sites I’m going to share in due time. That’ll cover the beginnings of those sites and what my initial plans were for them. For beginners wondering how to build an affiliate website, I hope that my experiences will help others in their passive income … Read more