Niche Site Case Studies

Niche websites and blogs in general can be a full-time income, but like most things in life, it takes work to get there.

I’m sharing these niche site projects publicly, so you can follow along. I won’t share the exact websites, but I’ll write about my approach and what I’m doing on each one to track the journey. It’s for me too, holding me accountable.

If you want to learn how to build a niche website yourself to jump on the passive income train, keep following along here.

I’ll go through my thought processes on why I made certain decisions because I’ve always found that to be the most helpful to me when learning from others.

I have made and will continue to make mistakes along the way. I share all of them in the hopes that it’ll help you as you consider similar or opposite actions.

I’ve also taken actions that have worked out for my specific situations, but that doesn’t mean they’ll work for your projects.

Below are overviews of the niche sites I’m sharing as case studies.

Niche Site Case Studies

Case Study 1 Site L

Purchased a 6-month-old site and main focus was on On-Page SEO and Content Injection.

Highlights in the first 5 months:

  • 14,162% monthly earnings growth, from $8.49 to $1,202.35
  • 1,214.27% traffic growth, from 904 to 10,977 per month
  • 301 redirected to a new, brandable domain after 2 months, August 2020
  • Added 84 posts, from 32 to 116 posts
Site 1 Case Study Month 5 Earnings Affiliate Sales

Site 2 Case Study Month 5 Earnings Affiliate Sales

Case Study 2 – Site T

Purchased a 5-month-old site and main focus was on On-Page SEO.

Highlights in the first 5 months:

  • $0 to $627.64 monthly earnings growth
  • 2,883.54% Organic traffic growth, from 79 to 2,278 Visitors
  • Added 9 posts, from 10 to 19 posts, but also had to do major edits to the original 10 posts

Case Study 3Site P

Built a new site on an expired domain and 301 redirected it to a new domain.

Highlights in the first 5 months:

  • Big learning experience – how to purchase expired domains and 301 redirect
  • Added 26 posts
  • 324 Visitors per month
  • 2:34 avg. session duration
  • $37.31 earnings in Month 5
  • 1 article ranks ~10 variations for 1 keyword in Top 5

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Site 3 Case Study Month 5 Earnings Affiliate Sales

Monthly Income Reports

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